Dr. Natalia Harding

Education: I hold pedagogical degrees in history and English language and received ESL teaching training (CELTA) at Bell College, Cambridge UK. I also defended my PhD thesis in Philology (Journalism) in Russia. My research of the unknown articles by a Russian émigré literary critic D.P.Svyatopolk-Mirsky was published in Saint-Petersburg under the name “Mirsky: Lessons of History and Literature”. Currently I am participating in the several academic projects one of which is the Encyclopaedia of Alexander II life dedicated to the 200 anniversary of his birth. I am proud to work alongside with professional and creative teachers of our Academy.

I do like working with children and it is very rewarding when pupils achieve their goals. It is very exciting to see them happy as a result of their accomplishments! I am also thrilled to see that children want to know more about Russian history and its culture.

Natalia Harding

Describe yourself: It is difficult to talk about yourself, but I hope that other see me as caring and optimistic.

Favourite activities: Theatre, spending time with my family, reading, travelling and exploring historical archives.

Favourite book: “Winnie the Pooh” is my favourite children’s book. I also like reading historical books and detective stories.

What can’t I live without: I know that coffee is not really healthy for you, but I can’t say no to it.