About us

Our goal

Our goal is to develop in children a love and interest in Russian culture, literature and history. We hope that in a warm, friendly atmosphere and in cooperation with enthusiastically empathetic teachers, each child can reach his or her full potential.

Opening times

The school operates on Saturdays and offers classes for children and teenagers (Russian as mother tongue, second native orforeign language) as well as private lessons for students of all ages and abilities. CRA runs intensive preparation for Russian GSCE and AS/A level delivered by actual examiners who are well versed in the requirements and approaches of the various examination boards.

Our teachers

Our team of committed and enthusiastic teachers consists of highly qualified professionals with deep and broad subject expertise. At the same time, our teachers are parents with experience of raising bilingual children.

Our curriculum

The school offers classes in the best tradition of the Russian school system and employs modern teaching methods with carefully designed lesson structures.

Grammar topics are presented step by step and new vocabulary is introduced and reinforced through games and role-plays.

Language lessons are complemented by other subjects such as cultural studies, Russian history and country studies, maths, art, dance, drama and more, giving our students the flexibility to take subjects of most interest to them.

Group size is limited to a maximum of 10 students. Such small classes allow us to provide the close attention and tailored support each student requires.

Learning environment

We aim to create a friendly supportive learning environment where children learn through immersion in the Russian language and culture, enabling them to feel happy and confident in a wholly Russian-speaking environment.