Julia Krylenko

"The effect of music on children is grace, and the sooner they will begin to experience it for themselves, the better for them." - V.G. Belinsky

I offer private music classes for children from 3 to 6. In these music lessons, particular attention is given to their spiritual and emotional development, using the techniques of music therapy and the music education systems developed by Zoltan Kodaly and Carl Orff.

Education and experience:
In 2002, I graduated from the Pedagogical Department of the University of Tartu (Estonia) as a children’s music teacher. In 2009, I received a Master’s degree in a similar field. For five years, I have taught in a specialized school for blind and visually impaired children. That being said, I have experience with children with many different abilities and needs, be they mental or physical. I have also worked as an organiser based around intensive support, and have had experience managing classes.

Julia Krylenko

People say about me: Friendly, sociable, responsible.

Favourite activities: I like being active - dancing, sports (aerobics, yoga, bodypump), walks with children in the parks; I sing in The Huntingdonshire Philharmonic Society. Also, I love listening to classical music and attend various concerts.

Favourite saying: "Besides the fact that music lessons develop coordination and spatial reasoning, they, perhaps, teach a child to work like no other activity. Tt is important to develop qualities that will be useful to not only a musician, but also to a person of any other profession. At least, it can be argued that if your child has graduated from music school, but has no interest in a musical career, the time spent at the piano has not passed in vain. They have learned some of the most important skills in life – how to concentrate and work hard." - Anatoly Zak, a child psychologist, and Lev Madorskiy, a music school teacher.