Russian Language

The aims and objectives of Russian language lessons at the Cambridge Russian Academy are first to lay the foundations of a systematic and embedded knowledge of the language, ensuring the formation and development of writing as a form of verbal communication; and second to develop and improve these skills.

We strive to provide our students with a strong grasp of language concepts, thus laying the foundations for spelling, grammatical writing, as well as to teach them techniques for working with linguistic materials and methods for constructing texts and to apply these to their own writing.

Depending on the level of knowledge of the children of the Russian language and on their age, we use different techniques and teaching materials that can be arranged according to grammatical, thematic and functional principles (function: the ability to request, ask a question, suggest, thank, etc...) with emphasis on cultural values, facts and specifics.

Classroom games are also used for the development of speech of Russian-speaking children, as well as outdoor games, materials for correctional pedagogy (speech therapy, etc.) and Russian textbooks on Russian language, reading and environment.

As visual aids we also use board games, cards, Internet materials, powerpoint presentations, puppet theatre and various other cultural materials and objects.

In addition, the teaching uses speech exercises, role play/ situational games, search and other creative tasks.

Russian language competition-winners