Music and Movement

Music and Movement classes at Cambridge Russian Academy are suitable for children of all ages. The main aims of these classes are:

  • To form a basis for musical culture via the emotional and active perception of music;
  • To instill an emotional appreciation of art, artistic taste, moral and aesthetic feelings: love for your neighbours, your people, your homeland; respect for the history, traditions and musical culture of different nationalities;
  • To develop an interest in music and musical activities, imagery and associative thinking and imagination, musical memory and pitch, vocal abilities, academic and creative aptitude in various musical activities;
  • To study works of music and gain knowledge about music; to master practical skills in academic and creative activities such as singing, listening to music, playing simple musical instruments, musical and free movement and improvisation;

Music example

Pupils will learn that music is everywhere: in nature, in celebrations, in fairy tales, in cartoons and in theatre. Older pupils will familiarise themselves with the main methods of musical expression, master musical notes, learn about great composers and their works. All pupils will be offered various kinds of musical activity:

  • Listening to music and reflection
  • Singing
  • Playing an instrument
  • Music and free movement (Rhythm)
  • Dramatisation of musical works (Dance)