Country Studies and History

It is impossible to learn a language without mastering facts about the country where it originates from. In order to pass Russian Language exams successfully, pupils need to widen their vocabulary in topics concerning culture, history, traditions and current events.

In History and Country Studies pupils will learn about the world around them, about Russia and its people, culture and history. In these lessons pupils will learn about Russia’s old times, and will find out for themselves who the ‘boyars’, ’landowners’ and ‘serfs’ were. They will familiarise themselves with such historical figures as Peter the Great, Alexander Suvorov, Mikhail Lomonosov, Mikhail Glinka and many other renowned Russians.

The teacher will carry out extensive work with texts adapted specifically to the pupils’ grasp of the subject, and will encourage them to undertake independent projects; i.e. pupils will get involved in creating their own written and oral presentations on suggested topics.

Please come to Country Studies and History lessons to learn how to find on a map Sakhalin and Baikal, Russian cities and rivers, and to hear stories about great Russians of both past and present – those who at this very moment are contributing to the country’s scientific development, culture, literature and art.