GCSE Russian

For those students wishing to take Russian GSCE, you can not only study for the exam but also sit the exam at the Cambridge Russian Academy.

If you would like to enter for the GSCE examination at the Cambridge Russian Academy, we would ask you please to fill out an application form and submit it no later than by 11th January.

GCSE Course

Russian GCSE consists of 4 modules: Listening, Speaking, Reading Comprehension and Writing (short essays on a given topic).

The lessons will familiarise the students with the format of the exam and teach them exam techniques. The students will be working with specific exam topics and practise completing oral and written tasks. The course is designed to teach the learners to engage in communication in a given context, employing relevant vocabulary and grammatical structures, as well as applying all their language skills in practice.

Advanced preparation for GCSE

GCSEs are usually taken at the end of Year 11 of an English school. We do not recommend taking this exam much earlier, although there have been cases when students took the exam when they were 11 or 12 years old and did so successfully. Some exam topics are designed at 16-year-olds, e.g. the description of work experience and personal reflections about it. Moreover, if the exam is taken too early, the results might be deemed invalid for being out of date or cause suspicion that Russian is the student’s first language rather than the second one. From our experience, we recommend that the optimal time for taking Russian GCSE for our cohort of students is just a year or two prior to ordinary English GCSEs, i.e. in Year 9 or in Year 10 of an English school. Thus, the exam would still be taken earlier and the students would release more time for other subjects in their final year at secondary school.

Achieving good exam grades is one of the aims of this course. The main target will me developing the students’ written and oral communication. This means writing essays on a wide range of topics, the expansion of students’ vocabulary on specific topics and filling the gaps in the students’ writing and speaking. Attending this lesson throughout the whole academic year will give them the opportunity to cover a large amount of additional language material for which there is not usually enough time during other lessons. It will also help the students develop their language skills and improve their language competence.

All the acquired knowledge will allow students to achieve a high GCSE grade, as well as forming a good foundation for the A-level examinations.

In addition, the students will learn the format of the exam and the technique by practising past papers.

It is possible to prepare for the exam through the shortened course by attending lessons during one or two trimesters.


В начале этого учебного года моя дочь Полина начала посещать уроки русского языка для подготовки к выпускным экзаменам в школе. За этот год она прошла весь курс AS и чувствует себя очень уверенно в преддверии сдачи экзамена. Уроки проходят в очень спокойной дружелюбной обстановке, материал подается доступно, В классе 4-5 человек, что позволяет преподавателю Ирине Келл уделять должное внимание каждому студенту. За этот год Полина существенно подтянула свои знания русского языка. Это касается как чтения, так и письма и разговорной речи. На уроках идет очень интенсивная подготовка к экзаменам, и это дает студентам уверенность в себе и своих силах. Хотелось бы сказать огромное спасибо Ирине за стиль подачи учебного материала. Полина с удовольствием посещает уроки и у нее очень большая мотивация к занятиям, и в этом конечно же огромная заслуга учителя.

Umenie pisat’ I chitat’ po-russki ne prihodit s molokom materi, a daetsya trudom I postojannoi rabotoi s det’mi. Ne dostatochno horosho govorit’ po-russki, chtoby pisat’ I chitat’. Russkaya Academija pomogla mne ne tol’ko nauchit’ synovei chitat’ I pisat’ na ih rodnom jazyke, poznakomila ih s istoriei i kul’turoi Rossii, no I podgotovila ih k gosudarstvennym examenam (GCSE I A-levelam). Blestyashii I opytneishii prepodavatel’ Cambridgeskoi Russkoi Academii Irina Kell znaet kak naiti podhod k kazhdomu rebenku. Ved’ tak trudno sumet’ nauchit’, kogda vidish’ uchenikov tol’ko odin raz v nedelu! Blagodarya Irine oba syna blestyashe sdali Russkii GSCE, AS, starshii syn sdal A2, k kotormu seichas Irina podgotavlivaet mladshego. Uroki Iriny ochen’ interesny I raznoobrazny. K tomu zhe, Irina znaet kakie trebovanija pred’javlyautsya k gosudarstvennym examenam. V nachale goda podgotovki k GCSE napisanie essay po-russki mozhet vyzvat’ uzhas u rebenka. Skoro uzhas propadaet, essay nachinaut poluchat’sya I pojavlyaetsya tak nuzhnaya uverennost’ v sebe – vot tak zamechatel’no uchit Irina. My pereshli v Cambridge Russian Academy za lubimymi uchitelyami, odnoi iz kotoryh javlyaetsya Irina Kell. Lubym roditelyam, kotorye hotyat chtoby ihi deti sdali exameny po russkomu jazyku na otlichno ja by sovetovala zanimat’sya s Irinoi Kell!