Ekaterina Onatskaia

I am very lucky to say that my profession is also my hobby! I have been working in schools for almost 10 years now and absolutely love doing that. I hope that my Russian literature lessons will give children positive attitudes and towards reading, a love of books, and an immersion in stories!

Education: I graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University and also from Teachers College, Columbia University, NY. While I have been teaching in English-speaking schools, I have also worked in Russian schools, first in New York City, and now in Cambridge.

Katya Onatsky

Describe yourself: Attentive, cheerful, and optimistic.

Favourite activities: reading, going to opera, and singing.

Favourite book: “Momo” by M. Ende

What I can’t live without: A cup of strong coffee in the morning.

Favourite quote: “This buzz-z-z-z-zing is here for a reason” – a Russian cartoon, Winnie the Pooh.